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MC Cleaning Service
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 7 reviews
by Jamie Porter on MC Cleaning Service
Move-In Service

Our new house was left filthy by previous owners. The cleaning was done thoroughly and quickly. They were very prompt on arrival and the price was reasonable. I will definitely use again.

by Kendal Rogers on MC Cleaning Service

The construction cleanup services this company provided was just what I needed. I had quite a lot of work done over some time, and before I could go and collect my furniture from the storage unit, I wanted to be sure most of the dust and other bits and pieces were all gone. The team came in and did themselves proud! They came on the first day and got up most of the dust from the floors, window sills, and other places I would not have even thought about. The next day, they were here wiping down the countertops and mopping the floors with damp cloths and mops. And the third day, they vacuumed up all of the remaining dust they could see. They were so precise in everything they did! Thanks for everything!

by M. Kavanaugh on MC Cleaning Service

My parents called to say they were coming to visit! I knew my mother wouldn't be happy with the way I keep my place, so I hired this company to carry out their apartment cleaning service a few days before my parents arrived. They save me so much time and hassle. The floors were shiny, the bathroom was fresh, and I didn't realize how much space I had in the kitchen. So from me, good job! My mum didn't have a word to say, even though I saw her run her fingers across the bookshelves when she thought I wasn't looking. So she would say, well done! You don't know how much you saved me from the earache! I just hope she doesn't come across this review!

by Frances D. Linden on MC Cleaning Service

My sister handed me a card with your number on because I needed a move in cleaning service. It was easy to book, and as I wasn't able to present when they did the work, my sister took over and went to meet them and let them in. She said you worked hard to get the place spotless for when I arrived with my things. So thank you for that. I really appreciate it. I was able to unpack a few boxes the same day I arrived!

by Lisa Wright on MC Cleaning Service

I detest cleaning my kitchen! Every three months or so I book the kitchen cleaning service this company provides. They do all the stuff that I don't do, like take out the items from the cabinets, and wipe over the shelves, they clean the inside of my refrigerator, the cooktop and oven, they descale the faucets and disinfect the sink, mop the floor, and even change the filter in the hood, if I have one spare. So thanks for doing all that for me, I'll be booking again in a couple of weeks.

by Kevin McCarty on MC Cleaning Service

This company sends in some great cleaners to clean my bathrooms. I know that when they leave, I will have sparkling tiles, clean faucets, no soap scum anywhere, and the shower stall has no watermarks. I particularly like the way they leave the kid's bathroom. They have someone on the team that can fold the towels to make them look like a swan, just like you get in the hotels. I can't fault their bathroom cleaning service. Great job, and see you again next time!

by Michael S. on MC Cleaning Service

Was thinking about assigning certain employees to keep the office clean but ultimately decided against it because they would not be able to do their own tasks. Ended up hiring these commercial cleaning experts and was not disappointed. The entire space is always kept clean now!

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