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Expert Full Cleaning Service and More!

Having a hard time keeping your house clean? Don’t have the resources to clean an entire office space? Don’t know how to remove tough stains? Whatever issue you are experiencing, let a professional such as MC Cleaning Service give you a full cleaning service. We provide the following cleaning services to our clients in Reading, PA, Edgewood, MD, Parkton, MD and Fallston, MD.

Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning

Full Cleaning Service

Cleaning any kind of establishment is our forte and if you get our full cleaning service, you will get the whole package deal. Choose us and we’ll clean your entire home from top to bottom. From corner to corner, we’ll clean each surface until the entire place is spotless.

Commercial Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning service will prioritize cleanliness throughout the day. Because these spaces are used all day, we will designate cleaners for each area so that each section of the space is kept clean.

Residential Cleaning

Whatever type of residence you have, we can do a quick but thorough clean of it. From the carpets on the floor to the corners of the ceiling, expect each surface to be thoroughly cleaned with methods and tools that are specific to each area.

Move-in and Move-Out Cleaning

If you are in need of assistance in cleaning your place up before you move out of your place or move into a new home, we can provide the help that you require. We’ll do a quick job of it so that you won’t have to wait too long while making sure that each surface is completely cleaned.

Pressure Washing Service

Having trouble with stains? Try our pressure washing service and we’ll remove them for you. From the mold on the bathroom floor to grease on the kitchen wall behind the stove, we can remove them quickly without damaging the surface itself.

New Construction Cleaning

After having finished constructing something, if you don’t have the energy to clean up, our new construction cleaning service will take over and clean the place up for you. There’s no need to exert more energy that you don’t have. Choose us and you won’t even have to lift a finger.

MC Cleaning Service is a cleaning service that caters to the specific needs of our clients. If you are interested in trying out any of the services that we have discussed above, give us a call at (443) 985-7664. We are based in Reading, PA.